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Tour proposals in the lakes of Dalsland Nordmarken "DANO"

All the tours in the area are easy,with mostly lakepaddeling, but with strong wind it can be wawes not so easy to handle.

The lakes are connected by the Channel of Dalslands Kanal.

In some tours you will transport the canoes over land, these places are marked with a sign with a canoe turned up side down.

Most of the tours has our canoe central in Gustavsfors as starting point, but we can also offer transport of canoes and equipment

to other places within 50 km when you will end in Gustavsfors. If you want to end your tour in an another place

take home the canoes and the equipment. The price for transportation is  60 sek/10 km

Start at the Canoe Central in Gustavsfors by the guestharbour

3-4 days / weekend tour

Paddle the channel in to Västra Silen and Skifors-a short lift over the road-Svärdlången to Skåpafors-lift to Laxsjön-Dalslands Kanal via

Billingsfors-Bengtsfors-Lelång back to Gustavsfors

2 days to 1 week / family tour

In to Västra Silen and Bufjorden-continue to Krokfors-the locks to Östra silen, make a round trip-back ti Västra Silen and Gustavsfors

Week tour

The lock in Gustavsfors-Lelång to Lennartsfors-using the locks to Foxen-Blomsjöarna with 3 lifts-Lelång back to Gustavsfors

1 to 2 weeks

The lock in Gustavsfors-Lelång to Bengtsfors-Dalslands Kanal to Håverud-Ånimmen-Ärr-Knarrbysjön-Edslan-Limmen-Östra Silen-Västra Silen

to the canoe central in Gustavsfors

Start at another place in the "Dano" area (with transport of canoes and equipment)

1 to 2 weeks

Start in Ed-Stora Le-Foxen to the locks in Lennartsfors-or via Blomsjöarna-Lelång-The canoe central in Gustavsfors

(A suitable tour for you who come by train)

Start in Östervallskog -Östen-Töck-Töcksfors-Foxen to Lennartsfors or via Blomsjöarna to Lelång-The canoe central in Gustavsfors

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